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What are the basic elements of a loan or mortgage? There are many elements that make up a home loan facility. Consider loan features that…

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SMSFs have become a popular choice for an increasing number of Australians. Back in 1998 only 12% of Australia’s superannuation assets were held in SMSFs.…


Buying a home is a very important decision  Are you flying solo and starting to think that buying a property will never be possible? There’s…

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Refinancing is pretty much on the cards for everyone in today’s marketplace, just depends on how satisfied you are with your current lender or service provider.…

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What are the extra costs of buying a home? When they take out a mortgage, many people forget to consider the associated fees and expenses.…

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Banks use standard calculations and policies when assessing your borrowing capacity As much as you can comfortably repay It’s not that hard to work out…

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