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Using mobile marketing to get results


Using mobile marketing to get results

Mobile marketing is big business, so if your company doesn’t already have a good strategy in place then now is the time to get started. 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 20.6 million mobile handset subscribers online last year – that’s a huge number of people choosing to browse the net from their mobile devices. Yet there’s a large number of businesses struggling to come to terms with this shift in behaviour.

A new report from research firm Forrester indicates a gap in knowledge when it comes to organising and cultivating an effective mobile marketing plan. The data showed that while a large number of companies were engaging in the issue, they were not doing so effectively. It found that several brands had more than 200 mobile initiatives – and, more often than not, those were not interconnected.

So what can you do to improve your service?

Ensure your mobile site is as good as your desktop version

With so many people making the switch to smartphones and tablets, there’s no excuse for failing to ensure your mobile site works flawlessly. Always optimise any new pages, widgets or micro-sites so that they offer mobile browsers the best possible experience.

Ensure your advertising campaigns are mobile friendly

Don’t bother spending a lot of money on advertising unless you are certain it will display properly on mobile devices. Big banners can obscure too much of the screen and frustrate users, while pop-ups can be much harder to click away from on a mobile device. It’s also essential to consider that while text-message marketing can work well, a ‘less is more’ strategy is more likely to be successful.

Ensure email campaigns are mobile friendly

Getting clients to read through your marketing emails is a challenge in itself, and there are many new hurdles to consider when optimising for mobile devices, such as shorter titles and appealing subject lines. It’s also very important to think about the introduction to your newsletter and how far your reader will have to scroll before hitting any text or useful information.

Drive mobile marketing campaigns through social

Consider other ways to reach your clients, such as through innovative social media campaigns or by developing apps or products that will provide solid benefits. Remember that huge numbers of people are accessing sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook through their mobile devices. Jump on the real-time usefulness of social media sites – allowing you to reach users quickly and take advantage of industry buzz, timely news and impulse buys.

Give your mobile marketing campaign an overhaul and ensure your strategy is solid across the board.

by Karen Lim-Sam


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