What is a Credit Assessment?

It is always advisable to undertake a full Credit Assessment before you start making an offer for your next property purchase. The Credit Assessment will determine your borrowing power based on your current financial position, 

Obtaining Credit Advice or applying for a Home Loan facility carries legal compliance obligations for the customer and the lender. In order to meet these legislative obligations, it is important for you to complete the following procedure (this is basically our initial step in assisting you in completing your Home Loan acquisition due diligence process).

Requesting a Credit Assessment is quite simple, you need to provide your current financial information such as income, assets, and liabilities as required by law in order to obtain Credit Assistance.   

This is NOT an application for finance and it is only used for the purpose of deriving your borrowing capacity. It will not access your CRRA record. Your record will be accessed only when you submit a loan application to a bank. 

Once you complete the online Credit Assistance Request form your Medic Private Manager will provide you with the Preliminary Credit Assessment Report and the Credit Proposal; the purpose of this report is twofold:

1.      It aims at identifying your financial numbers in the context of bank’s risk underwriting assessment policy criteria to determine your borrowing capacity in terms of your financial stress by looking at your personal BEN Financial Stress Score rating which measures your Financial Stress position and Borrowing Capacity.
2.      To assess and identify a loan product and loan architecture that meets with your borrowing needs and to determine your appropriate Credit Proposal.

Once you have considered the detailed information contained in your customised Preliminary Credit Assessment Report you can then instruct us to undertake a Home Loan Application submission to the selected Bank for Final Verification and Final Credit Assessment in order to obtain a Formal Loan

Please note that the Preliminary Credit Assessment is provided at the discretion of your Medicaid Private Manager.  You can order this service via the Inner Circle online store or contact your Medicaid Private Manager.

Please complete your online Credit Assessment request by clicking on the button below. Please complete all fields as applicable with detailed and accurate information so that we can provide a comprehensive Credit Assessment Report to reflect a true reading of your current financial position. 

Important Notice to Clients

I John Ferretti your Credit Adviser, must have reasonable grounds for making a Credit Proposal. Before making recommendations, I have a legal obligation to ask you about your borrowing objectives, financial situation, and your particular financial needs. The information requested in this online Credit Assessment form will be used strictly for that purpose.


I John Ferretti could make inappropriate recommendations or give inappropriate advice if you fail to fully and accurately complete this online form and or disclose your full financial position especially your current liabilities status.

Please note that features of this online form are best optimised by using a desktop computer environment and not reasonably suitable for mobile devices.  

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