Know Your Numbers

It’s all about the numbers…. your entire financial wealth base and future financial wellbeing all depends on your personal financial stats relating to your key financial personal ratios. We can help desipher your personal numbers by undertaking your personal Medicaid Finance Preliminary Credit Assessment Review in a Report format. The report aims at identifying and interpreting your Financial Numbers in context of Credit Risk.

All financial models are based on minimising the risk of making bad investments and maximise margins where feasible.

When banks lend out money to individuals they are investing in those borrowers with the expectation that they will pay on time every time. This business model applies to every economic sector in the market and not only limited to the banking system.

This is known as banking underwriting policy.

There is so much to consider when assessing a loan application.

For example, lenders look at your employment history, qualifications, taxable income, borrowing capacity, savings capacity, payment history, value of your home and or investment property(s), value of your other assets, how much tax do you pay, how much tax can you save, capital gains tax, yields to achieve on investment properties.

Banks also calculate the impact of your credit card limit(s) and personal loans and car leases on your borrowing capacity.

Do your dependents limit your credit capacity? These are questions that lenders must answer before they can consider approving a loan application.

This Preliminary Credit Assessment comes very close to providing you with the numbers that you need to know in order to make an informed decision before you consider in applying for a mortgage loan. 

BEN Score

This report will provide you with your personal BEN Stress Financial Index (measuring your 10 leading numbers - ratios) identifying your financial Key Performance Indicators that underpins your personal financial profile.

Knowing your BEN score will help you better manage your mortgage portfolio and align your financial position with acceptable financial benchmark standards. Studies have shown that there is a direct link between personal well being and the status of your financial stress position.

Keep your general health in tact by controlling your financial stress score!

The Medicaid Preliminary Credit Assessment provides you with the numbers that you need to know in order to make an informed decision before you consider applying for a mortgage loan.