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Internet-enabled smartphone devices have created a major shift in consumers increasingly web browsing on their phones and other mobile devices such as iPads and tablets as well as their desk and laptop computers.

Rainbow Digital Media has solutions to help you capture new customers and source new leads for your business in the growing mobile market.

Rainbow Digital Media offers digital solutions that help Australian businesses target their audience and improve their local presence and increase their mobile footprint.

What's changing in the marketing space?

Communicating with customers within the business world has evolved considerably in the past few years.

New marketing concepts and technologies are emerging, it is predicted that within the next few years the majority of publications will now be provided online and today's more common print media will eventually become less desirable.

Digital communication solutions are cost-effective and penetrate desired demographic groups as you have the ability to monitor, measure and analyse the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and total advertising strategies.

We can produce and host your digital publications on our servers without the need for you designing or uploading via complicated FTP apps.

We do all the work! The digital publications are received directly into your subscriber's email inbox or directly into their smartphones or iPads via SMS or MMS.

The digital publications can also be delivered by scanning the provided QR-code from mobile devices that link the publications to be viewed online.

Convenient for reading

Your published content can be searched and zoomed in to help your readers conveniently read items of interest.

Users can also add a helpful table of content and bookmarks related to your Digital publication content.

These features empower the user to have a more interactive reading experience.

What are the Cost Comparisons between Digital and Traditional Print strategies?

The traditional accepted printed material such as newsletters, brochures, newspapers, flyers, coupons, cards and other types of material as effective as they may be, are very expensive to produce and extremely difficult to measure and monitor its effectiveness and to calculate the return on your Investment!

Today using digital distribution channels make it much more cost effective when compared to the traditional printing material. Actually, undertaking a cost analysis comparison for a small business adopting a Digital Media marketing and distribution strategy against a traditional (including postal costs) print marketing strategy – for traditional print strategy is more than ten times more expensive.

That means that for every one dollar spent in the Digital Marketing space you would need to spend around ten dollars in print resources. However, the costs, of course, reduce even more when using Digital Publishing Media as your contact list grows and expands over time whereas your traditional printing costs would increase over the same period.

In many instances, the ratio can be as low as one dollar for Digital marketing outlay compared to one hundred dollars in print resources, especially if you print glossy magazines and glossy brochures as compared to publishing the same magazine on Digital Format as online Digital Magazines and Brochures.

 Powerful Animation Features as ''Your publications can be read online instantly by thousands. You do not need to have your own website! We can host unlimited publications online. No fuss, no hassle.'' The easiest way to present your publications to consumers.

Immersive Digital Experiences

Many of today's web pages and landing pages are static hence, fail to create an interactive reading experience and express the essence of your products and services to consumers.

Our Digital Publications provide powerful animations, interactivity with rich web content that can be viewed from any mobile device.  We add multi-media for engaging your customers with immersive digital experiences.

It is this interactivity with rich media that enable you to fully engage with your consumers. Your publications will create extraordinary reading experiences for every reader!

We can make your digital publications easier to be shared on your own website or on other sites and through different social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter etc...

Your Publications are Mobile Ready

As we know, some mobile devices like iPad and iPhone don’t support Flash, but our Digital publications can also be viewed by any mobile device.

We use HTML5 technology! The digital publications are programmed by using HTML5 language with CSS3 and jQuery technology, it meets with the standard of the future mobile internet trend!

Your audiences can enjoy digital reading on a variety of mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets with the same experience as a desktop.  Make a great impression.


Present your online digital publications in style to match your own company or business style by customising the following...

Brand logo, background image, background sound

We can design the overall look and feel of your publications

You can share your publications and your readers can also bookmark pages

Insert video and animations upload to YouTube & Vimeo etc...

Insert sliding text or hot spot to highlight important content

What can be published digitally online?

We can virtually convert any traditional print material into interactive digital publications such as:

 Sales catalogues




 Sales presentations

 Business reports

 Photo albums with embedded video

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