Micro Analysis

Property Micro Tax Investment Analysis Report 

Order your Property Micro Tax Investment Analysis Report. This customised report gives you an insight on how much your rental property is costing you after income and tax deductions.

The Micro Tax Investment Analysis Report is critical to any current and would be property investor. It provides a customised detailed analysis on an investment property based on the investor’s current income and expenditure position.

 For investment property buyers the report should be considered prior to making that all important offer for a property. For current investors it highlights the efficiency from a tax and cash flow perspective.

The Property Micro Report helps your buying decision making process based on ''Buying on facts not emotion''. Fall in love with the numbers, not the property. Eliminate the guesswork and impulse buying some investors fall prey to. Avoid financial disaster and negotiate better.
The report identifies your financial KPI's - Real time analysis of surplus equity, borrowing power, Debt Service Ratio (DSR) and Loan to Value Ratio (LVR). Know when you can afford your next property, as this is key if you are on the path to serious wealth creation.  

The report provides an insight from a banking perspective and provide a practical guide in managing and increasing your wealth base by looking at 3 major areas:

1.      Controlling your Cash Flow
2.      Gearing through Equity
3.      Offset Account

These 3 areas form the foundation of building a profitable efficient investment.  Successful property investing totally depends upon the implementation of efficient finance structures that are flexible, maximise
your cash flow and meet with your individual financial, legal and taxation situation.

The Micro Analysis report – breaks down and highlights how much a prospective investment property is likely to cost you after tax and what rate of return you might anticipate based on market indicators. The report covers such components as: Cash flow projections (over 40 years) - Internal rate of return -  Before-tax and after-tax cash flows and Tax Benefits.

Cash flow analysis component:  provides you with a tabulated breakdown of all the items that contribute to the cash flow in the first year of the investment. The later parts of the report show the cash flow projections
over time.

Capital gains tax component: It outlines CGT legislation and shows how the capital gains tax liability would be calculated if the investment property were to be sold at the end of the projection period.

Graphics and Charts

Who pays? Pie chart showing a detailed relative money contribution the investor, the tenant
and the taxman in meeting the bills for the specific investment property such as the monthly mortgage payment. 

You can however simply request a customised detailed report based on your individual financial circumstances and property criteria.

Before- and after-tax cash flows Chart showing the cash flows (and break-even points) for the investment property before and after tax is taken into account.

Tax liabilities Chart comparing projected tax liabilities with and without the acquisition of the investment property.

Other components charts are provided to effectively show the tax and loan structuring efficiencies of a particular property.

The Micro Analysis Property Report is provided on a complimentary basis to all Medic Private Members.

This report is critical and should be used as a basis whenever a credit related investment decision is to be undertaken.

You can order this service via the Inner Circle online store or contact your Medicaid Private Manager.