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Artwork design needs to be striking to draw attention, creating strong impressions to deliver your brand identity. It’s essential to visualise ideas through captivating designs by considering the choice of typography, colour and shades with a considered layout to convey your message and realise your theme.

We ensure that your logos and marketing styled collaterals are custom designed with selective fonts, and colours that are locked down and protected in your own custom brand designed artwork.

3 - Fold Professional Brochure - can be adapted for any industry and business - Rainbow Design Studio

Rainbow Design Studio

Rainbow Digital Media is providing the synergies integration for all Design Graphics and Artwork requirements under our Inner Circle Medicaid Business Plus Plan.

Established in 2004 by professionals for professionals providing design services from logo graphics to sophisticated dynamic website digital presence to Brochures and all marketing collaterals to Mobile Digital Distribution Solutions for Businesses.  These days all successful businesses must have an online digital strategy, especially professionals within the medical industry.  

Rainbow Digital Media greatest asset is their designer’s creative artistic flair that has produced outstanding results for businesses over the years.

Rainbow Digital Media objective over the years has always been to support businesses changing needs and demands which have led to constantly review and renew their systems to evolve in the new digital space. 

Today’s empowered consumer is driving a major social transformation … are you prepared to sustain the growing demands of service standards on your business?

The most prominent and challenging concerns for businesses today is how they manage the impact of 3 key market factors:

1.  Maintain their digital website footprint secure with current trending themes and designs
2.  Provide products and services to shifting consumer demographics and
3.  Financial constraints, not being able to borrow to grow and expand their business

We can’t help with all the challenges that your business will be faced with … however, we can certainly help to initiate and maintain your digital footprint for your business and increase your brand recognition.

This will go a long way to better serve our customers overall business proposition by incorporating online platforms to offer our customers best practices in the areas of Domain Name Registration, Cloud Web Hosting and Webmail Management with the latest coding and trending Website Design to give your business a modern, functional unique online presence.

Rainbow Digital Media is delivering online services and managing online key drivers in support of our customers changing needs.

Single Card - Professional can be adapted for any industry and business - Rainbow Design Studio

''Creativity is intelligence having fun'' 

Albert Einstein - 

3 - Fold Professional Brochure - can be adapted for any industry and business - Rainbow Design Studio

Poster - Professional Large Wall Poster - can be adapted for any industry and business - Rainbow Design Studio