Access the same insights used by real estate agents and the big banks

Investment Scores to match your strategy

Every available property and suburb is scored based on its relevance to three key investment strategies

Reports are provided by property market research leaders CoreLogic RP Data.

This market data intelligence is for home buyers, sellers and investors to achieve an active reading of a property’s performance.

We will also provide you with updates on current market conditions prior to you purchasing or selling.
You know you are receiving premium data when this same data is actually accessed regularly by Real Estate Agents and also the big four major banks and many of the non-major banks.

This will have the end result for many members make better property buying and selling decisions and ultimately put them in a better financial position.

Our members can now better estimate the sale value of a property and take a much deeper dive into data before deciding on which property to buy and where, by using the benchmarking option, analyse comparable properties for sale, for rent and recently sold.

Members can even look back over 30 years to see what the property has previously sold for, how long it has generally taken to sell and whether it has been rented and what rent was charged over time. Members will also be provided with an estimated rent and yield for individual properties in addition to ‘Investor Scores’ that score a property and its surrounding suburb in relation to cash flow, capital growth and lower risk investment strategies.

Each street and suburb has its own profile –offering further insight into the surrounding areas. It gives important insights including how many units and houses there are and whether they’re likely to be rented or owner-occupied. These property reports will help property buyers and sellers:

• Understand what a property might be worth by comparing its estimated market value with comparable recent sales
• Perform due diligence on investment opportunities
• Locate capital growth information for states, cities, suburbs, streets and individual houses
• Easily request auction clearance rates
• Identify vendor discount rates, rental yields, vacancy rates and demographic information

Why should I use a property sales report? When buying a property it is important to gather all the market “intelligence” available to devise your purchasing strategy.

How do you start to zoom in the right property in the right area for the right price?

Property sales reports should form the basis of your market research with statistical data and sales analysis at your fingertips will help you identify property buying opportunities and negotiate a favorable purchase price.

 Why do I need these reports?

On-line property reports are for both the purchaser and the seller. You would never buy a property without undertaking appropriate market research and due diligence for an individual property its suburb and its demographic make-up.

A property report will help identify and lower any potential risks associated with a specific property. They are also ideal if you are planning to sell your property and to establish a market value without totally relying on a real estate agent’s appraisal.

These reports should form the basis of your market intelligence gathering process. If you are selling how do you set the price? If you are buying what offer can you make?

How do I purchase a property report?

RPData is Australia's leading source of reports for property prices (house prices and unit prices) and auction results in Australia. RPData provides the most up-to-the-minute and detailed property sales information online for Australia's homebuyers, sellers, owners, investors and real estate and finance professionals.

The good news is that under the Medic Private Program membership you are eligible to receive complimentary reports simply contact your Medic Private Manager. To note that these reports sell from $55.00 to $85.00 each depending on the type of detailed information you are requesting 

The report information can be used by sellers and buyers, investors and owners.

What type of reports can I order? There are quite a few...

  • Sales History report for the suburb - and the last 90 days advertised properties- this report contains a street address, sales price, sale date, area m2. Covers all reported sales (auction results, house prices, and unit prices) in the past 12 or 24 months in the postcode(s) of your choice. This report provides a snapshot into a postcode area and it includes demographic information such as population size, age statistics, family statistics, occupation, education, transport to work, type of dwelling, and nature of occupancy.
  • Automated Valuation Report (AVR) – per individual street address property - Price your individual property, gives you a full market update – including a current price estimate – on an individual property (actual address). Shows the last reported sale price for the property or auction result. This is an ideal report to have especially if you are thinking of making an offer on the property.
  • Individual Street Address Property Report for buyers and sellers (CMA)- What does it tell me? The Individual Street Property Investment Report provides you with key information on your selected property for investment analysis. Where available, this report contains previous sales for this property including dates and amount paid by previous owners, rental data, area profile, cadastral map & aerial photo, and property photo. Capital growth graph (Past 10 Years), suburb map, age/sex ratio, household income, structure, and occupancy. Also available on this report is the percentage change in median price, number of house & unit sales per annum, past sales in your selected suburb and advertised properties for the last 90 days.
  • On The Market - Market Monitor Compare Report- For Sale and For Rent.
  • Suburb Statistics Report – demographics, median sales prices, and capital growth rates.
  • Auction Results Report - Nationally or actual Suburb (name your suburb).
  • Individual Property Report - Owner's info in Qld and NSW. Contains previously reported sales for the selected property and surrounding area, area profile, area snapshot and area activity, cadastral map, aerial photo and much more.
  • Rental Comparison Report – View current properties listed for rent and compare your property current and future rental yield.
  • Sales Reports - This report details recent historical sales in a given suburb. It provides for the date of the sale the sale value and the property address. The report provides for the last 3 months to ongoing and updated property sale prices and 24 months of historic sale prices. The sales reported are all recent. Addresses are also provided so that once you inspect properties within the same area it will guide you to establish property values.

The above reports provide you with the clarity of the information to further your understanding of the property market and hence increase your knowledge of the market.

Found a property? Request a property report to find all its related market information. Is it overpriced, how long has it been on the market? Or find out exactly what the neighbours paid for their property and when!

You can order this service via the Inner Circle online store or contact your Medicaid Private Manager 

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